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Midas Pro1 Digital Mixer

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ID: 06148


PRO1 is a standalone mixing system, having 24 MIDAS PRO Series microphone inputs on the rear of the frame. The 6 AES50 ports can be used to access up to a further 144 inputs and 144 outputs on a MIDAS network by connecting additional hardware. NB: The PRO1 can mix 40 inputs simultaneously, but up to 168 inputs and outputs can be controlled and routed via the AES50 network. In addition to the PRO1s 40 primary input channels, PRO1 also features 8 aux returns, all of which feature 4-band MIDAS parametric EQ and insert points. These 8 aux returns can be used as returns for the PRO1s internal FX processors, or as additional mic channels, if sufficient mic inputs are available on the I/O hardware.