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Shure P4HW Hard Wired IEM Beltpack

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ID: 08562


The Shure P4HW Personal In Ear Monitor is the hardwired, two-channel stereo component for the stage performer of the PSM 400 series of monitoring products. This unit is designed to effectively replace the bulk and clutter of the traditional stage monitor/wedge setup. In Ear monitoring offers the performer more mobility and a roomier stage and the house engineer a lower volume, feedback free stage environment. The P4HW belt pack monitor is discreetly sized and housed in a rugged, all-metal chassis. The attached dual XLR Y cable provides the audio connection to the house or monitor console. The P4HW stereo and unique MixMode level control features enable the performer to adjust the mix balances as required during a show, without affecting any other mix sends from the house. The addition of side panel push buttons and a graciously sized LCD screen enable further customizing of the monitor mix in terms of both level and content.