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d&b D40 Amplifier - NL4

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This four channel Class D mobile amplifier provides the power density required for high-efficiency d&b systems including the KSL System, V-Series, Y-Series and T-Series. The D40 incorporates comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filtering functions as well as user definable equalization and delay capabilities. Onboard enhanced energy saving features, power efficiency and Automatic Wake up enable you to save on resources and meet environmental responsibility requirements. The D40 incorporates up to eight input channels with four analogue inputs and four AES3 channels with corresponding link outputs. Each input channel can be routed to any of the output channels. The D40 utilizes a switch mode power supply with automatic mains range selection and active Power Factor Correction (PFC) to produce a clean current draw and ensure stable and efficient performance under adverse mains conditions. Access to the d&b Remote network is via Ethernet using the Open Control Architecture protocol (AES70 / OCA). The D40 is controlled using the integrated web interface, which enables access via a browser, or using the d&b R1 Remote control software. For applicable d&b loudspeakers, d&b LoadMatch enables the D40 amplifier to preserve tonal balance when cable lengths of up to 70 m (230 ft) are used.